Step into the FEMM Committee meeting where Ms. Marie Colline Leroy, State Secretary for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities, and Diversity, took the stage to unveil Belgium’s roadmap for change. It’s not just another Presidency – this one’s all about creating a society that’s fair, inclusive, and gender-equal.

Mark your calendars for January 24th when Leroy spilled the details. The Presidency is on a mission to tackle gender-based violence, discrimination, and amp up equality policies. Plus, there’s a directive in the works to combat violence against women, and they’re determined to seal the deal.

However, not everyone’s on the same page. MEPs aren’t thrilled about some member states skipping out on including rape in the directive. And they’re shining a light on the real costs of domestic violence and the struggles vulnerable women face in the current cost-of-living crisis.

Join the conversation and be part of the push for change. Belgium’s Presidency is in action, working towards a more inclusive and just future!

Read the full article with all the priorities here.


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