The European Care Strategy can be seen as the very start of the EU’s journey towards developing solid and encompassing policies acknowledging the centrality of care whilst protecting and valuing all those needing or providing it.

In the policy study “The European Strategy: A chance to ensure inclusive Care for all”, the authors feed and guide the discussion by critically assessing whether the European Care Strategy can be seized as an opportunity to trigger a new approach to care that is truly inclusive and fair for all. They explore whether the EU is sufficiently equipping itself to live up to the claims that European values “can only flourish in a caring society”. On the one hand, it offers an analysis of the positive developments welcomed by the key stakeholders. On the other hand, it also serves better to understand the remaining blind spots of the Strategy.

Building on the above policy study’s insights, the “Care4Care Policy Series” will offer a set of short discussions. Highlighting the persisting challenges related to care policy-making, the series will especially focus on policy-oriented solutions and on their interaction with other policy fields. You can find more information on the specific care aspects tackled in each session in the PDF.

Building on the findings of the Care4Care policy study The European Care Strategy: A Chance to Ensure Inclusive Care for all? the FEPS-FES Care4Care campaign continues pushing for EU
policies towards a better care regime. In this line, they have just issued a public call for a Data Researcher. The aim is to identify data sets to display the findings of the policy study in Care Atlas.

More information on the call is available here:

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