The new report COVID-19 impact on gender equality in Research and Innovation was published in June 2023. It presents the findings of the European Commission’s Expert Group on the COVID-19 impact on gender equality in Research and Innovation (R&I).

The Expert Group, which concluded its one-year activities last March, was composed of 12 international experts on COVID-19 and gender equality in research. The mission of the Expert Group was to deliver a study on the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and the pandemic containment measures put in place at institutional, national and EU level, on the work and productivity of women researchers and on gender equality in the EU R&I system
in general.

The report was presented in an online event on 23rd June 2023, by Sabine Oertelt-Prigione, Professor (Strategic Chair) of Gender in Primary and Transmural Care, Radboud University Medical Center (NL), Professor of Sex- and Gender-sensitive Medicine (Bielefeld University, DE) and Chair of the Commission’s Expert Group.

The report highlights in particular the pandemic’s gendered impact on academic productivity, early career researchers, and work-life balance. It investigates institutional responses and aims to bring forward unseen and marginalised experiences in academia.


Why do we need this report?

It tested us and brough to life many topics we knew.
• COVID is just one example of crisis that the R&I system had to face
• Crisis exacerbate pre-existing inequalities if effective mitigation measures are not in place
• Most interventions at the organizational, local and national level in the ERA were gender-unaware potentially increasing inequalities
• Sound approaches need to be developed and tested for the future
• The EC has the opportunity to provide innovative and inclusive examples of potential mitigation measures


Structure of the report

1. The impact of covid on academic productivity, practices and institutional responses
2. Early career researchers
3. Care responsibilities, new working modalities, gender-based violence, work-life balance and wellbeing
4. Towards inclusive gender equality in the ERA: unseen and marginalised experiences of the COVID-19
pandemic in R&I

To know more about the European Commission’s Expert Group’s report on the COVID-19 impact on gender equality in Research and Innovation, download the documents below:


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