On March 22nd, 2024, us as Gender Five Plus and PUSH*BACK*LASH lit up the virtual stage with a power-packed webinar, diving deep into Europe’s gender equality maze and rallying against rising anti-feminism. With the dynamic Agnès Hubert at the helm, experts and thinkers didn’t hold back, spotlighting the highs and lows across the continent.

  • Dr. Valentina Maglietta kicked things off, unveiling her groundbreaking research on EU gender equality. While celebrating progress, she didn’t shy away from calling out gaps, urging us to dig deeper with more inclusive approaches and stronger male engagement.
  • Victoria Shvaher zoomed in on Austria’s battleground, confronting issues from feminicides to pandemic-fueled anti-gender movements. But Austrian feminists? They’re fighting back with campaigns like “Not one woman less” and “CatCalls,” and they’re just getting started.
  • In France, Victoire Olczak revealed the slow but steady awakening to anti-feminism, championing awareness campaigns and pushing for game-changing reforms like the constitutional right to abortion.
  • Dr. Irem painted a picture of Germany’s transformation in tackling anti-feminism, spotlighting legislative strides and the rise of gender equality frameworks. She stressed the urgency of nipping issues in the bud and championed an intersectional lens.
  • Hungary’s Reka Safrany exposed the mounting anti-gender rhetoric, yet feminist NGOs aren’t backing down. With EU backing, they’re staying united and vocal, even in challenging times.
  • Agnieszka Balcerak illuminated Poland’s political shift towards women’s rights, showcasing legal advocacy and international collaborations, all rooted in intersectionality.
  • Sweden’s Tora Dirke Lundberg and Ina Sandin shared the Nordic way—mastering resource management, crafting compelling messages, and building powerful networks for gender equality.
  • Dr. Roberta Guerrina dived into the UK’s Gender Regime Theory, unraveling the complexities of a nation divided on gender politics.
  • Dr. Magda Szarota drove home a crucial point—disability rights are non-negotiable in gender research.
  • Barbara Helfferich wrapped it up with a heartfelt thank you, teasing an exciting Brussels conference to unveil the PushBackLash project’s final revelations.

In a nutshell? Gender Five Plus delivered a whirlwind tour of Europe’s gender equality battlegrounds, serving up must-knows for policymakers, activists, and researchers. Ready to join the fight?


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