It is with great sorrow and much respect that we learn the passing away of Sofia Spiliotopoulou, a remarkable lawyer who all her life used her knowledge and imagination to advance the cause of women in Europe. She was a friend of G5+ and took part a year ago as a distinguished speaker in our first online conférence on the Conference on the Future of Europe. We remember all too well her amazing contributions to the European equality law network and in 2004, as a gender expert and a member of EWLA (European Women Lawyers Association to Convention on the Future of Europe of 2001.

Sofia leaves us with so many importants articles, documents, contributions worth rereading as they always bring legal thinking on european and social issues, a step forward. If there was only one thing to remember and pursue in the memory of Sofia, in times where gender mainstreaming is still a magic principle , not yet properly and widely implemented, it is the idea the the elimination of gender discrimination and promotion o equality in all policies is an obligation o the EU and all its member states according to the principle o loyal cooperation.

We will miss you Sofia, but your impact stays.

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