Gender Five Plus is partner in charge of “Working Package 6: Communication strategies”, of the G-EPIC project funded by the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program (CL2-2022-DEMOCRACY-01.03).


The project

The gender gap in political leadership, political ambition and political self-efficacy is the most persistent and most difficult to tackle across Western democracies, yet ensuring the future of democracy requires empowering all social group to engage.

Research shows that many political attitudes are formed between the ages 11-16. During this period, the gender gap in political confidence grows substantially.


G-EPIC aims to tackle the challenge of gendered political inequality from an intersectional perspective, through a novel research programme that broadly assesses how the gender gap in political participation is learnt through interaction in a social educational context. It proposes to develop a systematic approach, to gain understanding of the state of play on gendered political inequality and then to design, pilot and evaluate inclusive school-based interventions (didactics) that foster the political self-efficacy of disadvantaged young girls in six European countries (Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom). It also includes the formulation of policy recommendations and the drafting of a gender-sensitive regulatory framework.

“Gender Empowerment through Politics in Classrooms” (G-EPIC) is a 36-month project led by first class European academics in political science, sociology, gender studies, youth studies, and educational sciences, from Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Spain and The United Kingdom. It is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme and is designed to support the development of political self-confidence of girls and particularly those who are experiencing multiple forms of disadvantage.

The foundations and framework of the G-EPIC project and the EU Horizon Europe proposal from which G-EPIC originates were developed within the working group on Inequalities and active citizenship within the EU COST Action 17114 Young-in.

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