State of the Union address 2023
Ursula von der Leyen’ speech of 13 September 2023.

I would also like to thank you for the ground-breaking and pioneering work we did on gender equality. As a woman, this means a lot to me. We have concluded files that many thought would be blocked forever, like the Women on Boards Directive and the historic accession of the EU to the Istanbul Convention. With the Directive on pay transparency we have cast into law the basic principle that equal work deserves equal pay. There is not a single argument why – for the same type of work – a woman should be paid less than a man. But our work is far from over and we must continue pushing for progress together. I know this house supports
our proposal on combating violence against women. Here too, I would like that we cast into law another basic principle: No, means no. There can be no true equality without freedom from violence. And thanks to this Parliament, to Member States and to my team of Commissioners, we have delivered over 90% of the Political Guidelines I presented in 2019.

Together, we have shown that when Europe is bold, it gets things done. And our work is far from over – so let’s stand together. Let’s deliver today and prepare for tomorrow.

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