Gender Five Plus stands in solidarity with the ongoing efforts to ensure safe and accessible abortion services for all women across the European Union. As part of our commitment to advocating for gender equality and reproductive rights, we proudly endorse the EU-wide initiative spearheaded by MyVoice MyChoice, urging policymakers to prioritize comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including safe and legal access to abortion services. This should lay the ground for introducing the right to abortion in the European charter of fundamental rights as committed by the French government following the recent introduction of this right in the French constitution.

At Gender Five Plus, we firmly believe that reproductive rights are human rights. Every individual has the right to make informed decisions about their own body and health, free from stigma, discrimination, or barriers to access. Accessible abortion services are essential not only for safeguarding the health and well-being of individuals but also for advancing gender equality and social justice.

By endorsing this EU-wide initiative, Gender Five Plus reaffirms our commitment to advocating for policies and initiatives that promote reproductive autonomy and ensure that everyone has access to the comprehensive healthcare they need and deserve.

We invite our community members, supporters, and allies to join us in signing the petition and adding their voices to the call for safe and accessible abortion services across the European Union.

Together, we can work towards a future where reproductive rights are fully recognized and respected, and where all individuals have the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies and lives without fear or stigma. Join us in standing up for reproductive justice and gender equality by signing the petition today.
For more information and to sign the petition, please visit: MyVoice MyChoice – Petition for Safe and Accessible Abortion.

Let’s make our voices heard and ensure that safe and accessible abortion care is a reality for all individuals in the European Union!



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