Maria Stratigaki, founding member of Gender Five Plus, was just appointed (1.1.2024) as the Vice Mayor for Social Solidarity and Equality at the newly elected center-left government of the City of Athens.

She is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Social Policy of Panteion University in Athens. Her appointment highlights her dedication to advancing social welfare and equality in the city of Athens. Her expertise on gender equality and social policies together with her appointment at the same position (for the period 2014-2019) bring a wealth of expertise to her new tasks. Her ambition is to strengthen City of Athens policies for tackling homelessness, vulnerability, discrimination, addiction, sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

Her commitment to social issues and gender-related research extends beyond local governance. Notably, Maria has played a pivotal role as the scientific coordinator of research projects on gender and migration from 2008 till 2013. Her contributions extend to academic publications in renowned journals such as Social Politics, the European Journal of Women’s Studies, and Femina Politica. Furthermore, she has authored significant books, including “The Gender of Social Policy” (2007) and “Gender Equality Policies: UN, EU, Greece” (2021).

Let’s come together to applaud Maria Stratigaki for her unwavering dedication to creating a more inclusive, equal, and vibrant Athens!

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