This campaign aims to raise awareness about the role gender stereotypes play in society.

What gender instantly comes to mind when you think of a certain toy, a job, a sport, or even a colour? Gender stereotypes are deeply ingrained in our culture and are a root cause of gender inequalities. Often, we are not even aware of them, but they affect each of us – both women and men. Gender stereotypes can limit our ability and our aspirations to choose a field of study or training, pursue a professional career, and make simple life choices, like picking a hobby. The impact of stereotypes can be even stronger for some people: for instance, if someone has a disability or is from a minority ethnic background, they might experience multiple stereotyping.

Each of us has different identities, and at their intersections, we can face unique experiences of discrimination. Gender stereotypes limit everyone’s freedom. That is why it is important to question them.

It is time to #EndGenderStereotypes!

Discover more on the EU Commission campaign on gender stereotypes here:

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