Get ready for a game-changing move by the High Council for Equality (HCE) as they kick off the inaugural National Day Against Sexism on January 25! On this occasion, the HCE has launched an awareness campaign against sexism titled «Faisons du sexisme de l’histoire ancienne», crafted by the brilliant minds at BETC and generously aired by France Télévisions, TF1, Radio France, and RTL. This campaign, breaking the internet with over 1 million views on Instagram in just 48 hours, delivers a resounding message that sexism is still very much alive – and it’s time to change that narrative!

But that’s not all – hold onto your seats as the 2024 annual report on the state of sexism in France drops a truth bomb and suggests a plan of action! Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is about to get an eye-opening presentation at Matignon, where the HCE President spills the beans on the shocking analyses and bold recommendations. This report exposes the three hotbeds of sexism: family, school, and the digital world. It’s a call to action – let’s obliterate sexist biases in education and regulate the digital landscape!

And guess what? Minister Aurore Bergé is ready to steal the show by opening the Sexism TV Show – a jaw-dropping parody of a sexist channel, co-organized with the unstoppable collective, Ensemble Contre Le Sexism.

This morning at 9:30, the HCE has raised awareness among 4th and 3rd-grade students at Rodin City School in Paris 13th (labeled Equality for Girls and Boys Level 2) by engaging them in a dialogue about their own experiences with sexism with two highly publicized figures in feminism, Giulia Foïs, author and journalist, and the singer Lio. Each student was able to testify to their lived experiences. The idea is to make students aware of all forms of sexism they may face daily and encourage them to combat it.

Get ready to be part of history – the HCE is turning the tide against sexism, and it’s going to be epic!


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