On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, join G5+ as we tackle critical issues head-on: pornography, digital violence, and cyber harassment.

Cracking Down on Pornography: It’s time to take action for present and future generations by regulating an industry profiting from unhealthy sexual behaviors. In the UK and France, influential reports from consultative bodies are ringing alarm bells and demanding public support. Dive into the eye-opening reports from the Children’s Commissioner in the UK and the Haut Conseil Égalité in France.

Unmasking Digital Gender Violence: The Spanish Federation of Progressive Women (FMP) spotlights online gender-based harassment in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs, and Social Welfare. Their groundbreaking initiative unveils the dark side of our ever-evolving technological landscape. With extensive research, including a national survey, the FMP exposes the alarming reality of digital violence. Explore the full report here and join the fight against online discrimination and violence.

Insights from the Digital Frontline: The Spanish “Observatorio Nacional de Tecnología y Sociedad (2022)” delivers a noteworthy report on digital gender violence and can be found here. For a closer look at Italy’s stance, check out the report available at InGenere.

Global Impact of Digital Backlash: The Gender in Geopolitics Institute and Equipop present a report dissecting how digital technology fuels a global backlash against women and LGBTI+ people. This phenomenon, marked by a surge in masculinist and anti-rights discourse, holds real political consequences. Shockingly, 7 out of 10 women will experience online violence in their lifetime. The official data from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights is just the tip of the iceberg. Read the report here to understand the alarming rise of online harassment and join the call to denounce the growing wave of masculinism. It’s time to sound the alarm and take a stand against this escalating digital threat!

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